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Obtaining a High School Diploma or GED is paramount on the path to success. By achieving this goal, our youth are better prepared for employment opportunities and are diverted from the path to poverty.

GED Classes

We know that “traditional school” isn’t a good fit for every student, but we believe that every person deserves an education. Our staff work with youth in a low-pressure, flexible environment to help each person learn the way they learn best.

Our GED program is currently serving and onboarding new participants. We have a self-paced program that utilizes an online study platform and/or pen-to-paper. Our office is open every weekday for one-on-one instruction. Walk-in during our regular hours and get started.


Our program serves ages 16-24. Our program is free (no cost).

  • There are 4 separate GED tests: Math, Science, Social Studies, Reasoning Through Language Arts

  • We have pen-to-paper and online study platforms available

  • Students take a pretest in a chosen subject and based on what they miss we provide an individualized lesson plan to follow-up

  • When the student has complete the follow-up lesson plan, we post-test using the GED Ready (the official GED practice test) at the end of which they will get an accurate GED score estimate

  • 145 out of a possible 200 points is passing. We require a 150 (5 points above passing) on a GED Ready before we commit the student to the official GED exam

  • Students under 18 have to be prepared for all 4 exams 

  • Students can start anytime

  • This is a self-paced program

  • Students are welcome to change priorities while working on the GED. Sometimes students need to shift their focus to health or housing or employment and we will meet them where they are at


Our program is free, covering all of the costs associated with the GED process

GED Class Times:
Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.

For more information, contact Jordan at 402-471-8526 or

Back on Track

The Back on Track program is offered in partnership with Lincoln Public Schools at Lincoln High. The HUB’s staff members take referrals for youth who are in danger of falling behind in credits, are habitually truant, or are facing other barriers that are preventing regular school attendance. The HUB staff will work with youth to help the student reach their educational goals.


The HUB staff provides support  in the areas of career exploration and post-secondary education preparedness for young people who are involved, or who have ever been involved in the child welfare or juvenile justice system. Youth can be referred through our Central Access Navigator, school administration or counselor and will receive support in navigating the process of pursuing postsecondary education or a career path. Once enrolled in college, support will continue through a partnership with Central Plans for first year support services.

This program is provided in partnership with Nebraska Children & Families Foundation with Social Innovation Funding through The Annie E. Casey Foundation

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