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Everything Happens for a Reason, Right?

So far the situations that my life has brought to me, and that life has brought me through have been continuously filled with surprises. From great to good, bad to worse, everything happens for a reason, right?

Yeah right.

The summer of ‘06 though wasn’t planned, nor suggested by family or friends. Some of the situations I found myself in that summer leaned toward the worst, and being the type of person who doesn’t believe in regrets, I understand that there are always choices. Even though I had the habit of following others, after everything that took place I was left standing alone.

When I finally woke up, I discovered that they key for me was focus, because when I was focused on the situation, first or last, it was all about me with no interfering thoughts of who would have any say on my decisions.

Meeting the staff at the HUB was one of my life’s greater situations and that I can say with confidence because I felt good in the environment, especially when it came to focus. I needed the chance to relate and develop my self-focus, and I did so at the HUB, being around people who encouraged something that I believed in and needing that push to want to get myself straight. I give thanks to Nola the most because her support in making me feel okay with a smile and strong lesson was exactly what I needed. I could feel myself taking the lead—no more following.

- Daisy


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