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Fresh Out of Drug Treatment

I started out a 16 year-old boy, fresh out of drug treatment. Transitioning from the life of institutions and bars on the windows to reality. I knew I needed a job, but didn’t have the time or patience to get one. I just needed something to keep my hands busy. Idle hands are the devil’s advocate they say.

I started out at Bryan at the beginning of the year and discovered HUB. At first, I thought it was a good way to get out of first period, but much to my surprise, it was much more than a way to get out of class. In the course of me working with HUB, I filled out a total of 20 or so applications, each one revised at least once. I handed in all but four. By the end of my involvement with HUB, you probably would have mistaken me for a HUB employment worker! With the help of HUB, I was able to get a job that I liked and pays good. I got my I.D., and the encouragement that people are out there to help.

HUB is a good thing for people like me. It’s one of the only solutions that fit my equation, and I’m very grateful that these kinds of programs are available at school.


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