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Seeing Change in Myself

Been There And Done That…

That’s what I say when people start bragging about the weekend they had out partying, and wasting their lives away. Because I have been there and have probably done most of what kids these days are trying.

My name is TJ, I am 16 years old, and I am considered a juvenile delinquent. After summers of partying, and semesters full of skipping class to get high, and years wasted on drugs not worth my time to talk about, I am proud to say I am somebody. I made a change to my life about 4 months ago, and it all started with the help of some new friends form the HUB.

I first met someone from the HUB at Bryan Community School, and never thought much of the program, I mean I had everything, and I was invincible, or so I thought until my life began to fall apart around me. 3 1/2 months in the Juvenile Detention Center for an MIP and pulling some other stupid stunts made me realize it was time to grow up.

When I left the Detention Center, I knew more about the HUB from staff who had come and visited us several times to tell us about the services their agency could provide to teens. I began school at LPS District Office where I met yet another HUB staff and we began to talk about how I could get my life back on track. We discussed options such as GED and getting a job, which all seemed great but in my mind were a little out of reach.

Next thing you know, I was a high school dropout and I was at the HUB taking GED classes, and searching for a job. It happened so fast, I almost didn’t realize the changes I was making. Then I got hired at a local grocery store as a full time courtesy clerk and it felt like a new me. I was suddenly successful; I was a whole new person.

Now, I have been working for 6 months, and I got my GED. I feel great about myself, and people around me have seen a change in me. I no longer feel the need to go out and party or to mess around. Sure I would really like to, but like I said before, been there and done that and don’t need to go back.


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