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You Cannot Put a Price on Fixing Your Life

The HUB is an incredible program that I believe has the potential to do much good for many people’s lives. When I started on probation, my conditional release officer strongly suggested I check out The HUB since one of the requirements of my probation was to obtain my GED. He informed me that they offered classes and also fully paid for the GED test themselves.

Eager to get my life on track, and make my life better from that point on, I found my way to The HUB on 12th & D where I was welcomed by a friendly, amazing staff who are truly there to help make people’s lives better. They answered all the questions I had, and I enjoyed the flexibility, and that they help work around your schedule. They provide transportation to those who do not have it, all free of charge to you, because you cannot put a price on fixing your life.

After about two months of preparing for my GED test, a HUB staff member took me to Student Services to get my transcripts to take to SCC and sign up for two tests. On the way back, we were driving down A Street and he suggested we stop in to the A Street Market and the Valentino’s next door to pick up applications since I was also in need of a job. They helped me fill out the applications, and I ended up getting the job at Valentino’s, which was nice because it was a way to keep busy and keep my mind off of drugs.

The HUB is an amazing program, and I wish more people knew about it. It always makes me sad when I hear people talk about wanting to get their GED, but don’t know where to begin or can’t afford it. I tell them: “Go to The HUB. They will help you.” The HUB saved my life, and I’m so grateful I got the chance to experience it, and get the help I needed. In life, to get places, you have to want it and work towards it; but it’s also important to have help getting you started, or along the way. This is the place! I don’t know where I’d be today without The HUB. Lost beyond belief, probably.

Today, because of The HUB, I have my high school diploma through their GED program. I have the opportunity to go to college and provide a life for my family. I am incredibly thankful for The HUB, and what it’s done for me and how it’s changed my life. I hope to see many other lives positively impacted because of it too.

Kennedi H. GED Graduate


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