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Renovating to Better Support Young Adults

In November 2022, The HUB Board of Directors embarked on a strategic planning journey. As part of that process a focus group with young adults was conducted. During that focus group young adults identified dreams they had for The HUB and a kitchen was identified by several young adults. The young adults shared that they wanted to be able learn cooking skills needed for adult life and identified that learning these skills impacted their physical and mental wellness as well as assisting with budgeting.

Over the months of May, June and July, The HUB was an active construction zone and we are so excited that this project has been completed.

While the construction has been completed we are still in need of some items to help stock the kitchen. We have created an Amazon wish list for the items we are still needing. Please note we created this list as it was the best way to share the products needed however, we are not opposed to these items being gently used or purchased somewhere other than Amazon. In addition to the wish list, gift cards to local grocery stores would be appreciated to assist with supplying pantry staples to the kitchen.

Young adults served at The HUB and staff are excited to begin programming in our new space. Please stop by and see our renovation. Thank you to all who have contributed to making this 'dream' a reality!

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