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The BIG Month of Giving is HERE!

The month of May in the Lincoln nonprofit community is one that comes with hope, excitement and overwhelming gratitude! Give to Lincoln is in its 13th year and the community has generously given over $57 million dollars to support Lincoln's nonprofit community! The HUB has received over $75,000 in support through the years of Give to Lincoln thanks to donors just like you. This year The HUB's goal is to raise $18,850 through Give to Lincoln. Giving opens May 1st and concludes with the big giving day on May 30th. You can help us reach our goal in a couple of ways.


First, you can choose to add The HUB Central Access Point to the list of organizations you will be supporting. Every dollar raised not only helps The HUB achieve our fundraising goal, but it also helps us earn a larger share of the match funds!


Your donations make a direct impact on the young adults served by The HUB. Curious what your donation can do to impact a life?

  • $10 donation provides a 30-day bus pass for a young adult to achieve their goals

  • $20 donation supplies diapers and wipes for a young parent

  • $50 donation covers an application fee for an apartment for a young adult experiencing homelessness

  • $144 donation pays for all 4 tests that make up the GED for one participant

  • $500 donation pays for an average car repair

  • $1228 provides the average cost for one month of rental support for a young adult

Secondly, you can help to spread the word for this year’s Give to Lincoln. Please like and follow The HUB Central Access Point for Young Adults on social media, Facebook or Instagram. Continue watching our account stories, share our posts, talk to your family and friends, and ask them to be a part of Lincoln’s day of giving by supporting The HUB.


The HUB relies heavily on donations to be able to carry out our mission. Our direct link is Please share this link with as many people as you can and help us continue to serve Lincoln’s young adults as they become productive, independent, contributing, active members of the community.


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